How to install the driver on Ubuntu or Fedora how to exit X?

When I try to install the cuda driver on Ubuntu 9.04 or Fedora 11, it tells me to exit X server first.
How to exit the X server and install the driver?

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As root, type:
init 3

Not that easy. In Ubuntu, Alt+Ctrl+F1, and stop X first with
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
install cuda driver etc.

sudo reboot

On Ubuntu it is important firstly doing a proper uninstallation of older NVIDIA drivers

I was able to install nvidia driver 190.18 on Ubuntu 9.04 on my Levono T61p with FX570M without any problem.
But when I tried to install it on my desktop Dell Precision T7400 with GTX 280, the driver 190.18 is not working properly. After I installed the driver and reboot, it fails to run the X server and I was prompted to restart to the generic driver or back to the orginal configuration, otherwise X window won’t work.
Is there any hint on what the problems might be?
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You are right. The reason was the mixed files between several versions of the driver.

On Fedora - I mean that one should give the full path of the init command. Try a

su - /sbin/init 3