How to install ubuntu 16.04 in a new nvidia xavier

Dear guys

We have to use ubuntu 14.04 to test something. How can we install ubuntu 16.04 in the nvidia Xavier. Thanks a lot.

Hi huixud, JetPack for Jetson AGX Xavier supports Ubuntu 18.04 on the target device. On the host PC, Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 are supported.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I mean how we can install ubuntu 16.04 in Jetson AGX Xavier (the target divice ) that has been installed Jetpack.


Hi huixud,

Only Ubuntu 18.04 is supported on Jetson AGX Xavier(the target device).


ok. Thanks a lot kaycc

sorry, I can’t understand what mean target device and host PC??
anyone explain them to me. please

Hi red8341h, the target device is the Jetson. The host PC is used to flash JetPack-L4T to the target Jetson.

The host PC should be running Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 x86_64 to use the NV SDK Manager tool that flashes JetPack.

The Jetson gets Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64 installed onto it during the flashing process.

my case, I would like to buy a jetson, my desktop PC and computer of a robot are ubuntu 16.04.
I would like to install it on a robot’s computer.

please, recommend me any jetson will be appropriate for my case.

All Jetson’s run Ubuntu 18.04 as of JetPack 4.2.1.

please, about my case (Ubuntu 16.04). I cant upgrade system of a robot to ubuntu 18.04

What is the system on the robot? Are you replacing it with Jetson? As mentioned, the Jetson runs 18.04.

The robot is a RABBOT works with ROS kinetic and Ubuntu 16.04.
I would like to run my code in jetson instead of the computer of a robot.
On the other hand, use GPU instead of the CPU.

As mentioned, I would like to buy a jetson, so I am asking you which one of them will be appropriate for my case.

Some of the older L4T releases will run Ubuntu 16.04 on the TX2 (not available for Xavier). If you could do the job with a TX2, then you might try this. For a list of releases and what they work with, see the table here:
(you have to go to the link, log in, and then go to the link again since redirect does not work)

Note that all of the R3x.x releases are Ubuntu 18.04. Releases such as R28.3.1 install Ubuntu 16.04. The older releases won’t be supported on Xavier or Nano.