How to interface a rotary encoderenco

I would like to interface a rotary encoder. It has a digital A and B signal 90 degrees shifted in phase. To interface this encoder I would need to periodically read the two digital inputs and process the data.
Because of the possible turn speed I would need to do this at a rate of minimal 1000 times per second.

Can I define a periodical interrupt at that rate and being sure no interrupt will be missed?

For 1000Hz, you may use PWM pins. If you use Orin Nano developer kit, can use GPIO07 or GPIO13 in 40-pin expansion header.

For more information about developer kit, please check

For available PWM pins, please check

PWMs are outputs. I’m talking about inputs.

Sorry we don’t have much experience about the use-case so did not provide good suggestion. Would need other users to share experience.

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