How to interpret PxRigidBody::getCMassLocalPose() ?

Until now I was assuming, perhaps naively, that for an actor with a single shape, that was created without the optional shape offset, the center of mass pose relative to the actor frame would be the identity. But this seems to not be the case for a PxConvex shape. It is not immediately obvious to me what the reason is. I don’t think the actor frame is centered on a vertex, or on the center-mass. The reason I want to understand this is that I want to make sure I know how to retrieve the actor/shape center of mass in global coordinates. Is it true that:

PxTransform poseOfCMass = aRigidBody.getGlobalPose() * aRigidBody.getCMassLocalPose();

? Thanks,

Yeah, same as actor->getGlobalPose().transform(actor->getCMassLocalPose());.

Cool, thanks.