How to isolate Infiniband subnet?

I’m new to infiniband technology, I’ve already known that the opensm can define each node’s guid member ship in pkey,node configure subinterface base the pkey as planned, but this action is relay on the server side,which is not totally controlled by opensm, since then ,Can I understand that opensm do this subnet isolation base the partition file,there is some restriction, first one is that the server need to configure the subinterface by planned, there is no technology restriction on server side if this server is owned by third party without server level privilege control?

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated, I’m totally new to this era.😄

Hello Xuekai,

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For configuring a network interface on a Linux host using IPoIB with partitioning, please review the following link →

This page will explain on how-to configure a child interface for your partition key. No third party software is needed. In this example, our MLNX_OFED driver is installed but it is also applicable when using the driver which comes with the installed OS (INBOX driver)

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