How to jetson tx1 autostart program

Hi? I want know how to jetson tx1 autostart ‘exe file’ when jetson tx1 power on.
I write a script file and move to rc.local, rc.d and init.d but is not work.
please help me

‘exe file’ is a program that takes a video in real time, processes it, and sends it to another computer

Understand that anything requiring graphics or the GPU usually implies you need a logged in session running in graphical mode. I suspect your video processing is in that category. As such what you probably want is a virtual desktop (which runs without a monitor being attached), followed by setting up autologin and then autostart of the program. Take a look at this and see if you can set up virtual desktop support first…get it to where your remote host can log in…after which you can start setting up autostart and autologin. See if this helps:

FYI, this should be in the TX1 forum, not TK1. It gets confusing to think about the actual hardware versus what the forum is named.

Thank you for your reply and I apology.
I confused the forum. it’s my fault. I’m sorry