How to Know if Embedded Linux Receive XDMA MSI Interrupt

I use a Jetson Nano board connect to a Xilinx FPGA via PCIE. The FPGA will trigger a MSI when it complete acquite the data. I’m quite new to Linux, how can I know if the FPGA has sent MSI to the host linux?

Have a check below document if can help on it.

Has your driver for this device enabled MSI interrupts? you can also check in /proc/interrupts to see if the interrupt count goes up when the device sends MSI interrupt.

Hi VIdyas, I use the default image of Jetson Nano from Nvidia, does it enable MSI interrupt by default? Or I need to enable the MSI interrupt by calling certain API from pcie.c in my app?


The MSI interrupt should be enable by device driver. You may need to check the FPGA kernel driver to confirm it.

OK, I see

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