How to launch two cameras (one Webcam and one CSI camera) from the Jetson Nano?


I have been following the Jetson-Inference and found that I am only able to run one camera at a time. I want to know if anyone found a way for either GStreamer to launch my CSI camera (0) and webcam (/dev/video1). I am looking to get the live feed data from both cameras and do object detection on both cameras.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

It is possible to run two cameras. Here’s an example:

I haven’t used gstreamer, but you could try running 2 independent threads to capture the camera frames right?

Hi Felipe,

Thank you for the example. I unfortunately only have one camera connector on my Jetson Nano. Not sure how to get two on the board, as I purchased it like that. I was wondering if there would be a way to add another camera connector slot on the Jetson nano.

The old Jetson Nano has one CSI port, the new B01 board has 2 CSI ports.
However you can add USB-3 cameras, see my picture.
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Gstreamer PIP (picture in picture) and Dual CSI code from Jetsonhacks.

Here I have two 2 HDMI cameras connected to the old nano via 2 HDMI to USB-3 adapter.
It are a thermal camera and a Sony RX0. On the groundstation the result is presented as PIP.

This are examples playing with chroma keying.