How to learn CUDA in Madrid

Hi everybody:

I’ve been looking for this topic in the forum but I couldn’t find anything so I hope I don’t repeat it.

I have finished my degree in Physics and I’m going to do a Master’s in Finance. I have been told CUDA could help me in my career so I’m looking for a way to learn it. Can you tell me how can I start? I studied Fortran during my degree and I have a really low knowledge of C. Is there any course? Any certification?

Thanks in advance for your help

there are udacity and coursera courses, as well as lots of direct web content:

And I’m sure there are universities in spain that teach CUDA.

Hi, have you made any progress in your study? Can you recommend some online platform? With this covid, I can only study at home now.
I’m choosing a programming language right now and was wondering what language to learn.
I’m considering several platforms for that:
Maybe you have some recommendations.

Thanks for this question. I also have the same problems.