How to let materials with alpha mask to be shown on Omniverse?


The alpha mask of my texture picture turns black and non-transparent in Omniverse. How can the mask be still transparent?


Hello @GC3! I am copying a reply from the developer from a previous post. I hope it helps! PNG color doesn't not display properly - #6 by fpliu

Omniverse core materials assume you have rgb images for color mapping. And for opacity, a single channel is used to then premultiple. The opacity can read the alpha from the image source if available or use average, luminance, or maximum in cases where your opacity image stores the information in the RGB channels.

You have to premultiply the your rgb channel if you want black in the places alpha = 0. Inspecting the png in Nuke shows 1,1,1 as the rgb value in the pixels where alpha = 0.