How to light a scene without HDRI

First let me just say that I am junior level 3D artist. I can do general 3d things pretty well. Anyway, recently i just started a freelance gig where i would be doing a CG object to be later comped in into a live action plate. It’s a pretty reflective object (a metallic robot thing) so i asked him to get an HDR map of the plate so i can just get the proper lighting and reflection easilyuc browser shareit appvn

Long story short, few days later he came back to me with a rough, badly stitched, panoramic photo taken from his phone. And i told him that this is different i cant use this for Image based lighting. He just said that he didnt have time. We cant go back to the location due to permit.

Is there any way to salvage this? I know this seems like a very newbie thing to ask, but thats bcs i am pretty new. I am using maya and Arnold

Use the badly stitched panorama as references for the lighting and for your reflections,

Then set lights in your scene to match the general angle, color temp, and intensity and render a multi layer exr.

A solid comp artist can take it the rest of the way from there with the provided layers.

You can check out here:- Home appliance and animenova

I have my scene perfectly lit without the use of a HDRI, however I would now like to add one just so I can have some world reflections in my glossy objects. I can’t seem to get the HDRI reflecting in my objects without it also adding light to the scene, though. Is there any way to use an HDRI solely for reflections, and not have its light also affect the scene? I am using Cycles.