How to limit fan RPM on SN2010


I’m looking to limit fan RPM on an SN2010 that will be installed near users, so it can’t be too loud. Similar to this question: How to reduce FANs RPM on Cumulus Linux (Switch SN2410)? - Cumulus Linux / General - NVIDIA Developer Forums

I’m running Cumulus Linux 4.3.0. The fae command and the fancontrol command don’t seem to be available.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Same thread elsewhere: how to mod fan speed of mellanox sn2100 or sn2010 ? | ServeTheHome Forums

Have you tried using mdreq instead?

That previous thread was remarking on a specific bug affecting a specific switch model on a specific version of software which caused the fans to run at full tilt all the time.

In Cumulus Linux, the fan speeds dynamically adjust themselves based on external temperatures.
As Attilla states, there is no supported method for lowering fan speeds.
Individual platforms set cutoff thresholds for these sensors and critical temperatures for each sensor in the platform files.
You can view them here: cat /lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cumulus/platforms/
But changing these values can void your warranty as you are effectively preventing the box from appropriately cooling itself so I would not recommend doing this, even for testing.

Thanks for your help. We’ve worked out a solution that will allow us to put it in a local network closet instead.

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