How to link gst dsexample plugin with SGIE

The gstdsexample receives tensor meta data from PGIE but I want to have access to SGIE instead.

The gstdsexample is only a example of how to handle NvDsBatchMeta with gstreamer plugin. It is not specified for PGIE meta data. Both SGIE and PGIE meta data can be handled.
You can also refer to gst-nvinfer which have more details of handling NvDsBatchMeta.

Yes but, by default the NvDsBatchMeta of gstdsexample is linked to PGIE only. What will be the easiest way to switch the link to SGIE? I was looking at SGIE’s sub bins, I’m guessing the SGIE’s tensor meta gets lost in the sub bins? EDIT: I will try to use obj_meta_list for the SGIE tensor meta(even though gstdsexample doesn’t seem to have a sgie_pad_buffer_probe) and see what happens.

The gstdsexample is just a gstreamer plugin, it can not be linked to PGIE or SGIE itself. The gstdsexample can handle primary or secondary GIE in the same way. If you want a sample of how SGIE can be handled, the sample of gst-nvinfer may be better.

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