How to login Omniverse Nucleus Server Since the Omniverse-Login Panel did not Show?


I have installed:

  1. isaac-sim-2020.2.2007-linux-x86_64-release
  2. omniverse-nucleus-2019.3A.2282-1-linux-installer
  3. My laptop on ubuntu 18.04 is installed with RTX 2080 driver: 450.80

When I run: ./_build/linux-x86_64/release/ - the application window for isaac-omniverse, the window shows good. But I try to load the “Jetbot Sample” through the menu: Issac Robotics, the program run show me: Could not find nucleus server with /Isaac folder.

I guess that I did not do login for the server.

But I do not know how to login into the Omniverse Nucleus Server since the login panel did not show in the application window.

Also from the Nvidia doc:

It says: Sign in Panel: deprecated in 2020.1

Can you please let me know how to solve the problem so that I can run Jetbot example?


By the way, I have found way to login the through: http://localhost:8080/login. Thanks