How to Login to DIGITS After Setting Up EC2/AMI?

Okay, this is garaunteed to be a simple newcomer’s question. But I seem to be stuck three inches form the finish line. After having followed the instructions on setting up NGC with AWS using the Nvidia Volta P3 Instance AMI, pulling DIGITS 18.01, running it, and checking that it’s running I seem to be stuck at figuring out how to login to the DIGITS broswer page itself.

I expected that after setting up a security group inbound rule for port 5000/TCP from my IP that I could just pop up my browser and navigate to and voila, but that doesn’t seem to be working (and neither does just navigating there without the port). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Did you remember to map the port out from the container?

Your nvidia-docker run command needs to be something like this:

nvidia-docker run … -p 5000:5000

See for more details.

That’s got it, thanks!!

Were there directions you were following that you could link us to?

We’ll want to ensure that we update them to avoid any future confusion. Thanks!

Sorry it took so long to get back JoeyC. I was following instructions at the nvidia-docker DIGITS wiki page ( while viewing previous tag or release and was mistakenly trying to use the flag -p 5000:34448, which wasn’t working because as of DIGITS 5+ the default internal port for DIGITS is 5000. As soon as I changed it to -p XXXX:5000 and tried to access the server at it worked.