How to make a pp0 run on jetson startup



I’m currently making use of the Waveshare Jetson HAT which is a sim module to provide internet access for the jetson but How do I make this HAT connect to the internet on boot/startup rather than always login into jetson before I can turn it on.

I’m ready to try anything that can make this work.

Also is there a way to fun a webserver on jetson to provide me with an interface to make this connections

Please try to set up rc.local service and launch the app. For setting up rc.local, please refer to this post:
omxh264enc and nvvidconv NOT working unless... - #22 by DaneLLL

How do I run this in the command line, I don’t even know where the path is in other for me to implement this.

Can you help!

How do you normally start this? Is it via an icon? Via a menu? For icons and menus this depends on the particular window manager, but often you can right click on menus and icons and see “properties”. The location of the executable would be listed, e.g., “/usr/bin/something”. On command line, if you know the name, e.g., it is named “something”, then you can type “which something”.

resolved! I can set it to automatically connect once detected. thanks

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