How to make a visual laser?

I recently encountered some problems, how to make a laser line, similar to the laser visualization in the picture? I haven’t thought of any method, and I haven’t seen any cases. Hope this can be resolved.

Maybe you could use a pair of 2D Lidar and check the flag “show lines/points” that make the laser lines visible. This should work but you wouldn’t have much flexibility over the appearance of the lines and the light will not be an actual light that is simulated in the environment I think.


Thanks for your help, I thought of using this method to solve it. But there are some issues for me with making laser lines this way. It doesn’t exactly simulate a laser, it’s too thin and has no variation, and the laser hits the object and has no reflections etc.

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I would recommend using the RTX Lidar, and make a solid state configuration that has lasers that shoot in that pattern. That looks like a leveling laser, that would actually have 2 solid state type systems… but if you are not actually simulating that bobbling motion, then a single solid state lidar would work well.

You could then go in and set the color on the DebugDrawPointCloud node to be red instead of blue.


Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it a bit and it didn’t work very well. My purpose is to collect data (pictures) and produce pictures when the laser hits the object (such as the picture above). It is collected into the picture, so the camera needs to be able to see this laser line. But I haven’t found a good way yet.

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