How to make a walking loop to walk forwads?

I studied Machinima sequencer, it is a great tool!
How can I make this walking loop to continue forwards, so the character is not jumping backwards at the start of new loop?


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Hey Pekka! Great question, I haven’t made a formal video on this, so thought I’d make something for you real quick. As a note, we have a feature request to “automatically” duplicate + root motion for future updates which makes this more automatic, for now, you have a bit of manual work to do :)

Here’s a youtube link to a quick video on how to do this! HD should be available soon!

Excellent Dane!

I study this very soon, but now I have to run to record engineering gig for a awesome progressive rock band :P

Sounds like you’ll have a fun day, I’m jealous :) Let me know how it goes!

Hi! I tried to follow your walking solution, but I got this strange drifting problem:

I tried it 5 times from beginning. Every time I ran into this problem…
I calculate the roor bones movement, it is the same result as in your video.


distance travelled :

But when I apply this 131 distance to the correct Xform object´s last keyframe ( 37 ) you can see what happens in the video. It drifts much too fast forward… What could this be?
I did not manage to make the duplicate to continue the movement either, so I think this problem must be solved first.
Please help when you have time.

ps. recordings went so good!
Here is a sneak preview:

@pekka.varis Hey, the walking 1 animation already has the root transform baked into it, so you are doubling the transform by adding additional root transform keys. Could you please try using the animation walk idle called Walking_Inplace. This contains the walk cycle animation I believe you are expecting.

I recommend duplicating your clips as many times as will be desired - and using the root transforms value, times the amount of clip duplication’s

Thanks. I followed your way and I guessed the distance right at first try - just by feeling. Just like Dane in the video he made at the start of this topic.


Back to this issue again… This crow is really hard to animate so it walks straight forward with multiple loops. I have tried following the tutorials but I have hard time to make it work. If you have time, please show me how you do it with this Crow? (20.3 MB)

@pekka.varis Hey. This animation has a root transform already. You would have to counter animate the position change at the end of each cycle to bump it forward so it’s in the correct position for the start of the next loop.

Thank you Ronan! I know this, but animating this Crow was troublesome, see:

Every time i try to write a new value to position, it just generates new keyframes out of nowhere…

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Thanks @pekka.varis You have stumbled onto a bug with timesamples and sequencer. We have some improvements to keyframing in the works and coming to you very soon. Thanks for your patience.

In the mean time - If you create all the loops you want before putting any animation onto the root. You might avoid duplicating the timesamples when creating the additional loop clips. The timesamples are being duplicated because they were on the asset prior to dropping it in the sequencer.

Thanks Ronan! I tried your idea but animating it moved all the duplicates the same amount… See:

What should I do differently?

Hey @pekka.varis I’ve been playing with your file and it appears that keyframes embedded on the skelmesh behave differently when used in conjunction with sequencer and timeSampleEditor. Right now I cannot find a workaround for your file in it’s current state. If you have the ability to use a DCC and break the anim data and skelmesh into two USD files that would get you around the problem immediately.

We have a new version you should be able to get your hands on VERY soon that will provide a better solution and experience when keyframing.

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Hi Ronan! Thit is so good to hear :)

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