How to make App5 in python? what is difference between app4 and app5?

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deepstream-test4 and test5
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I would like to know that how I can make the app5 in python ( make the c version to python).
what is the major difference between app5 and app4, How is it possible to make the app5 using app4 sample files from python?
If the major difference is that app5 is sending the messages using the message broker to the cloud? Can I use the test4 python version and use this link to connect the device to aws IoT? [Publish MQTT Messages to AWS IoT Core from My Device Using Python](https://How do I publish MQTT messages to AWS IoT Core from my device when using Python?)


Both test4 and test5 sample demonstrates message conversion and broker plugin usage. they both can send message to broker. your case to aws IoT. major difference is test5 support components properties setting in configuration. test4 sample is the easy way to start with. please follow sources/libs/azure_protocol_adaptor/device_client/README to setup.