How to make CAN0 up after boot

Now I need to some commands to make CAN0 show up , I would like to use it after Tx2 boot, How to realize that? my system is 4.9.140 tegra

is any code can be added into C or C++ file? when we run c or c++ file, the CAN0 can be configure well?

if we need configure system file, can you explain more, one step by step? I’m a beginner. Thanks

hello song43928532,

please refer to Topic 1037624 for the steps to enable and check CAN on TX2.

…that topic is not for can0 auto show up after reboot the Tx2. I would like to have my CAN0 on TX2 auto show up , do not need some command input , after that I can run my C++ project directly use the CAN0. Thanks

Thanks, for answer, issue solved. Thanks