How to make __FILE__ macro contain relative file path?

I have a macro that I use for tracing my programs execution. It’s nice addition to the debugger, cause debugger allows me to watch the program as it goes, while with my macro I can check the history of its execution. I have used it successfully with both gcc (on Linux) and Visual Studio (in this case I need to adjust “use relative paths” option) but now I wanted to use it with my CUDA application (not for debugging kernels of course), but my output gets clogged with useless “C:\Users…” garbage. Is there any way to make nvcc substitute paths relative to project root for FILE macro instead of absolute paths?

Its not something crucial for the development process, but I’m very used to it. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Have you managed to find a solution?
The only one I found is adding additional macros to trip FILE string.