How to make Isaac Sim use only one GPU?


I have installed Isaac Sim 2023 and I can run the standalone examples, as well as use libraries on top of it. However, when I run on a cluster with 8x NVIDIA 2080 Ti GPUs, I cannot make it work (both for computation and visualization) on only one of them (e.g. CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 still uses all of them and blocks the bus for other users in the cluster).

My xorg.conf does not give any information about which NVIDIA GPU to utilize, so my guess is that IsaacSim asks it which GPU to use, it gets no information back from it and then it falls to its default state which is to use them all.

Is there any way inside the IsaacSim installation (e.g. some relevant config file) from which I could specify that it can only see and utilize only one, specific GPU?

Hi. Take a look at this page. Try --/renderer/activeGpu=1.

Are you running natively on the baremetal cluster or on a VM? If using VMs, you can set which GPUs to use by enabling VGPU or GPU passthrough.

Another method to use only one GPU is to run in a docker container and assign a single GPU to the container.