How to make Leopard Imaging LI-IMX274 work for V4L2

LI-IMX274s work for “argus_camera” but produced all zeros when using “v4l2-ctl”. The frame rate seems correct.

We contacted Leopard Imaging back in February and were told that they were working with Nvidia to solve the issue.

The issue was still not solved and we were told LI-IMX185s work for “v4l2-ctl”.

LI-IMX185s worked but we still want to use LI-IMX274s for some of our projects.

Does anyone have LI-IMX274 working for “v4l2-ctl” or have clue how to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi yahoo2016,

Please contact with LeoprdImaging company again, they should be aware of this issue and try to address the solution.


this is leopard team.
which solution did you need, we can capture 4k(3840x2160) raw data through v4l2 interface on r28.1. you can contact us if you want.