How to make my NVIDIA GeForce GT 735M for default ?

I have a SONY VAIO : vaio&cp=2&lp=12

I want have the Nvidia graphics for default. When I go to check at right click on desktop - screen resolution - advanced settings it shows me 32mb dedicated video memory.
My NVIDIA it is updated.
Please help.

I am using Windows 8

/edit: The laptop it is new. I went to best buy “geek squad” and they told me that the shared video memory it is my card of 2gb dedicated video memory and when I asked them why it is not 2048MB and it is only 1760MB they said it will never show 2gb. I saw at a lot of other laptops 2gb dedicated. This one has 32MB dedicated.
Intel HD Graphics 4000 has it as default
I talked with 3 other geek squad guys and I called SONY too and nobody knew what I am talking about.
Does anybody knows if there is anything I can do ? if not so I can return it…

not sure if it is too late or what but right click your desktop background and select nvidia control panel and then you can select prefered gpu from there. change it from integrated graphics to nvidia high performance dedicated graphics