How to make omxh264enc display PSNR and SSIM calculation results ?


Is there any element or existing property or any way to measure and display the PSNR and SSIM values when using omxh264enc? When searching other threads discussing the topic, I found this one,, where PSNR is calculated but without mentioning how this is done.

Hope that someone can help me to calculate these two statistics ,

Thanks ,

Hi Nostalgie,
We don’t have implementation to report it at runtime. You may check if there is 3rdparty tool to ayalyze the saved h264 stream.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your reply, I have another interest in profiling the omxh264enc, I search a thread for this topic, and I found one for TX1 where you recommend to add the function gettimeofday() in the source code of the plugin we want to profile. So can you, please, tell me where I can find this code and what the steps we should respect ?


Hi Nostalgie,
Which thread you see the comment?