How to make SD card as primary storage on JETSON AGX ORIN

Hi team, I am unable to change root file system to SD card and make it as my primary storage for Jetson AGX Orin board (32GB). I tried the approach mentioned in the link below, but I am unable to create new partition from SD card storage as the (+) symbol is greyed out. Please find the screenshot.

Hi csayakcr7,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

Have you formatted the SD card as ext4?

According to your screenshot, it seems there’s only 16MB in your SD card.
It might cause from there’re multiple partitions in your SD card and only one partition(16MB) could be recognized currently.

Hello KevinFFF,

Formatting of SD card as ext4 worked. After formatting, I followed the same steps mentioned in the link mentioned above and I can change Root file system to SD card. Thank you for the advice.

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