How to make synchronize streaming in DeepStream app config file

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Hi how to make synchronize streams for a deepstream app config file example of yolo . EXAMPLE ALREADY IN DEEPSTREAM directory

What do you mean with “synchronize streams”?

Like Processing should be done synchronous to the video stream . I have added sync=1 in sink0 for fake sink and in secondary gie I have also changes classifier-asynch-mode value to 0. Hope that much is only needed.

Hi @Fiona.Chen, Can you help out

I don’t understand what “Processing should be done synchronous to the video stream” mean. All processing is done frame by frame or batch by batch in DeepStream.

For the meaning of “sync” property for fakesink(or any other sink), please refer to the explanation
The “classifier-asynch-mode” of nvinfer only works with classfier model as secondary GIE. When classifier-asynch-mode=0, it is for working together with tracker. The detailed description is in