How to make the streaming like piexl streaming

I have made the streaming client by webrtc , but the stream is like to do share work with others , but there is no entry to share the streaming just the model runing.

Hello @jiahe.xu! I see that you posted this under View category. Are you trying to stream using the View application? I’m not 100% certain that View has this capability because it isn’t in our documentation. I will have to reach out to the dev team to confirm.

Our documentation does include streaming on local networks and across networks. Here a a couple of links that may help you out!

thank you ! but I have tried this way like * WebRTC Browser Client but the streaming is like to be all of the view tools , I just want the 3d model showing not to do edit with others

Hello @jiahe.xu! Thank you for the explanation! I’ve reached out to the dev team for further assistance.

Hello @jiahe.xu! The development team got back to me with some information.

We don’t have any support for streaming the viewport. However, you can create a custom Omniverse app (i.e. KIT file) configured to only contain the WebRTC (or WebSocket) extension, along with the Viewport. This will effectively have the effect of only streaming the UI of the Viewport, and allow Users to interact with the remote application

Thank you all the same, I will try it anyway。