How to Manipulate a ZED camera from NVIDIA TX2 ?

Hi everyone,

I am getting started with the TX2 and I am trying to manipulate the ZED USB camera i.e. for starters I would want to control when it starts recording and when it should go to sleep and grab a video frame as well. However, this platform is somewhere new to me and so far what I was able to find out was- that I would need V4l 2 (Video for Linux) to do such operations. I am not sure if I can utilize V4l 2 without kernel programming.

I would really appreciate, if someone can point me in the right direction, so that I can start developing the application/driver.


hi siddharthchawla01,
Are you able to run ZED USB camera with v4l2-ctl? If you can capture frames via v4l2-ctl, you can begin with the two samples below: