How to manually set image sensor settings in LibArgus


I’ve been playing around the camera app demo provided in LibArgus and notice that’s there’s no way to manually set image sensor settings like analog and digital gains, exposure and etc. There’s settings for gain range and exposure range but I don’t know how they work.

We are building a camera app with the ability to set/get sensor registers at runtime. We want to use LibArgus as a way to access the ISP for colorspace conversion and image resizing.

Can someone provide a suggestion on how to go about this? V4L2 + LibArgus or full LibArgus or others. Is there any 3rd party software consulting firm that can provide services, would love to talk to you.


Only way is set the gain range via argus API to limit the gain control like set the gain range as 2-3 to let AE algorithm only set the sensor gain in this range.

I tried this on the camera app demo and it does not set the analog gain in the sensor at all, I see the exposure update.

So is this how the xxxrange() api works?

I verified the argus_camera set Gain range to 1 -2 it’s worked for me.

I tried it on my system, it’s just updating the exposure settings in my image sensor and not the gains. Is there other settings I need to disable like AE Lock?

Did you try argus_camera?

which version of argus lib is this? I don’t see the ISP digital gain range option on my argus_camera demo app.

It’s r28.1 JetPack 3.1

@ShaneCCC. is this version compatible with r24.2.1 L4T 2.3.1?

I don’t think they are compatible.

@ShaneCCC, I finally was able to compile and run the libArgus that came with the L4T jetpack 3.1. I see that gain changes when I change the ISP gain control, but when I change the “Gain Range” settings, nothing happens. Is the gain range settings, setting the analog gain of the camera? I don’t see it updating the analog settings on my sensor.

Try set the isp gain range to 1.0 - 1.0 than try sensor gain again. Try set the range small to see the effect. Like set sensor range to 1.0 - 2.0

@ShaneCC, tried this and there’s no effect.

Please print the set gain in your sensor driver to confirm it.