How to map wrnch motion capture to CC characters?

I am following this tutorial:

In Dane´s video at 0.40 he show´s that the mapping can be customized to other skeletons too.

I am dealing with CC 3.43 exported characters like these:

Are there some presets json files already or do I have to do the first one manually?

Hello again @pekka.varis,
Thank you for your latest inquiry. I will bring it to the developers for review.
Thank you for your patience.

From Machinima roadmap I found out that in the next release we have:

  • Updated Wrnch Extension with IP input & new mapping files

Fingers crossed!

Hi @pekka.varis Dane made a json for Reallusion Character
wrx_xform_reallusion.json (2.1 KB)
I didn’t try this personally, but maybe it will give you some hint?

the original post link is here

Hey, excellent!!!
I try this.

I attempted to get this working but couldn’t locate the wrnch folder - not even sure where omniverse app is. It doesn’t appear in my Program Files or Program Files x86.

I found {drive}(user)\Documents\Kit\apps\machinima.splash - however wrnch is not listed under the extensions even though I’ve used it before. If this is going to be made easy in a few weeks I’ll wait, but if someone can post a tutorial that’d be sweet.

garretthoyos , you are not alone!

I am trying to find a floor so I can continue to stream the wrnch data to Omniverse… Thank god it can scan my skeleton anyway :P

I just asked from wrnch support what can I do to help it find the floor. Maybe our bedroom is just too small for it and I have to test this at livingroom :P

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I know this is not solution to your problem but I want to inform that I am coming closer to this issue now, as Wrnch support just told me: The floor markers that you are using are not the ones that are bundle with wrEngine. Please use the floor markers found under:

wrEngine-install-folder /share/wrnch/calibration

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