How to measure RDMA performance with MlxNdPerf.exe (windows)

I have a Bluefield2 card set in an RDMA configuration; installed on a windows PC. I know the setup is correct because I can get rping and nd_rping to work on the ARM and windows host respectively.

I’ve tried to run MlxNdPerf.exe but it is unclear what state the ARM needs to be in so that I can measure the performance.

On the ARM I’ve tried using

  • rdma_server
  • ib_read_bw
  • ib_send_bw
  • Ib_write_bw

None of these have worked.

I’ve attached the output. It seems like I need to put the ARM in some kind of ready state for the performance tool to work but i’m not sure what this is.


Hello Shane,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

We noticed you also opened a support case related to this subject with our Technical Support. We will assist you further through the support case.

The issue you are facing is a common request though out the year from several different other customers, but currently we do not have such tool available.

I reviewed the support ticket and in that ticket the support engineer (very knowledgeable on RDMA performance testing) provided the correct update.

We are also checking further internally if there is a solution on the roadmap, which can be shared with our customer to overcome this issue.

Currently the only solution I am aware of is ‘rperf’ from Starwind. Maybe you want to give this a try. We will be checking this tool as well on our lab to see the working of this.

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support