How to merge l4t-r28.1 release changes into l4t-r27.1 source setup

Dear All,

Followed the Jetson_developer’s user guide, installed all the packages using the script ‘’. In 64_TX2/Linux_for_Tegra_tx2/ ran script sync all the l4t-r27.1 source code into my local machine.

Fetched all the kernel and u-boot source code to local machine using git tag ‘tegra-l4t-r27.1’. Now nvidia released updates with new tag ‘tegra-l4t-r28.1’

When I fetched the source code with tag ‘tegra-l4t-r28.1’, It creates new branch. I tried to merge previous branch and new branch (which is created from new tag tegra-l4t-r28.1) getting merge conflicts. (There was no local changes in previous branch)

My requirement is to manage only one branch (master), is there way to take only updates so that I can merge all the updates without merge conflict.

Hi Ram071,

I would suggest to use separate branch for this. rel-27.1 is only for TX2 but rel-28.1 is for TX1/TX2.