How to modify Cphy to Dphy with imx728

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Software Version
[*] DRIVE OS 6.0.5
DRIVE OS 6.0.4 (rev. 1)

Target Operating System
[*] Linux

Hardware Platform
[*] DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-D00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-C00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (not sure its number)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
[*] native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with SDK Manager
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers
native Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers

Dear Nvidia support:
with Drive OS 6.0.5 , we want to use "sudo ./nvsipl_camera -c “V728S1-030V1-RC_CPHY_x4” -d 1 --nvsci -v 4 --link-enable-masks “0x0001 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000” to test sensor, and we should mipi with DPHY, how to add config “V728S1-030V1-RC_MPHY_x4” to nvsipl_camera;
nvsipl_query_sample can not find souce to modify?
and nvsipl maybe make with error in 6.0.5? link to : The NvMedia sample applications occur build error - DRIVE AGX Orin / DRIVE AGX Orin General - NVIDIA Developer Forums

The DPHY config for imx728 seems to be not supported on DRIVE OS 6.0.5. I am confirming internally on the support of DPHY config in DRIVE OS 6.0.5.
If you want to add any new camera module configuration, it is not possible with DRIVE OS 6.0.5. The issue is fixed in next release. Please check with your NVIDIA representative if you need early access.

I noticed that you mentioned CPHY does not fulfill your use cases, and I would like to inquire about the specific reasons for this. While @SivaRamaKrishnaNV is confirming internally, could you please share more details about your requirements and use case for the camera application so that we can better understand your needs?

Dear Vick:
Yes , our imx728 sensor module is DPHY. so we should modify source code :drive-linux/samples/nvmedia/nvsipl/ nvsipl_camera or nvsipl_sample to test sensor;

  1. nvsipl_camera with nvsipl_query_sample(have not source code)to modify “V728S1-030V1-RC_CPHY_x4” to DPHY;
  2. nvsipl_sample imx728vb2.hpp but not effect;
    //add by autocore
    static PlatformCfg platformCfgIMX728VB_autocore = {
    .platform = “V1SIM728S2RU4120NB20_DPHY_x4”,
    .platformConfig = “V1SIM728S2RU4120NB20_DPHY_x4”,
    .description = “IMX728+Max96717 module in 4 lane DPHY mode”,
    .numDeviceBlocks = 1U,
    .deviceBlockList = {

It appears that you’re not utilizing any of the recommended IMX278 camera modules mentioned on Can you please confirm this?

Please note that custom camera modules are not supported through this forum. I suggest reaching out to your NVIDIA representative to discuss a more suitable approach.

yes, not the recommended IMX278 camera modules;
only have source code with
have not; can not modify.

Please utilize a supported module or contact your NVIDIA representative to discuss further about a custom module.

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