How to modify drive strength for SPI

Hi nvidia team:

I am using Orin SPI3 (master mode )to communicate with a MCU(slave mode ).
Orin SPI3 is 1.8 V and MCU is 3.3 V
Orin spi3 connected MCU with a levle shift.
below is the waveform . the blue waveform is orin spi clock.

the failing edge is bad. I think itโ€™s because of the drive strength is weak.
So I want to ask how to modify the spi clk drive strength?
In TRM I only find drive strength info about QSPI.

Which level shifter part in your design ?
I suggest to check your level shifter design to meet datasheet requirement.

Hi, SPI tuning is not supported, customer is assumed to follow Design Guide well. Please check with level shift vendor for more info or choose another level shift.

the chip is NXS0140PW-Q100

You can try to debug withNXB,
NXS used for open drain : I2C
NXB used for SPI.

One more: I am not from NV team. I alway create many ticket to NV team like you.
It only my personally suggestion ~ Just for you reference.

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Hi liyutai:
I will test with NXB.
thank you very much~

I have changed NXB chip,and the waveform is better now.

Good news~

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