How to modify helm charts to change readOnly volume setting

I get the following error when trying to overwrite the input file during the deployment process:

OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/input/'

I see that the yaml file has a VolumeMounts policy with readOnly set to “true”:

How do I change the helm chart templates to make it so I can write to this volume? Thanks!

Hello mastreips,

The Helm charts you’re referring to are generated by the Clara Platform Server at runtime from your pipeline definition files. Pipeline definitions define a DAG (directed acyclic graph) of pipeline-job operators, and because multiple operators can be reading from any given input, inputs are made readOnly to prevent data corruption.

I’d like to understand your use-case for making operator inputs to not be readOnly, and see if I can help you find another way to solve the problem.

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  • J Wyman

Thanks for your response! I partially resolved the issue by saving to the output directory, which did not have the same sort of limitation. I ended having two images instead of one (input image and derivative image) which is ok. I was hoping to overright the input image used in the inference with a LIME overlay so that both the inference and LIME interpretation would be present on one image. Being able to overwrite the input image was the simplest way I could think to do this.