How to modify L4T-TX2 28.2.1 cboot boot logo?

I modify cboot boot code down.

func:tegrabl_error_t tegrabl_display_show_image(struct tegrabl_image_info *image)

func:tegrabl_error_t tegrabl_display_show_image(struct tegrabl_image_info *image)

if (image->type == IMAGE_USER_DEFINED) /skip parsing bmp blob/ {
image->image_buf =siemens_bmp; //siemens_bmp is buff
image->size = 25766;
goto display_image;

The image don`t display my HDMI monitor。

NO1、I want to know if my amendment is correct.
NO2、Is the picture in BMP format or other?
NO3、Please tell me How to modify logo ?
think you very munch。

Please refer to this thread.

@WayneWWW think you very munch for your rspond。That method is acceptable.

There is a type which is “IMAGE_USER_DEFINED”。if your reserved for users image。I want to know how to use it。What is the format of the image? think you very munch again 。Forgive me for my poor English.

I haven’t used the USER_DEFINED path in CBoot, just the bmp.blob. But looking at the code, it appears that you may need to fill out more of the ‘bmp_img’ structure if you take the IMAGE_USER_DEFINED path. For instance, panel_resolution is set about 7 lines below the code you’ve modified. There may be other fields that are needed by the BMP display functions.

You may want to see what exactly ‘tegrabl_get_bmp()’ does to fill in ‘bmp_img’, and make sure your user-defined image code does the same for your image’s characteristics.