how to modify the dts file for jetson nano board

I followed the below steps to modify dtb file for my jetson nano board. But I only saw the modifications at the first time. It lost all my changes if reboot the board.

This is a known issue and already fixed internally. This would be ready in next release.

For now, please check and modify blow lines in rootfs/opt/nvidia/l4t-bootloader-config/

elif (( "${sys_maj_rev}" == "${qspi_maj_rev}" )); then
    if (( "${sys_min_rev}" <b>></b> "${qspi_min_rev}" )); then
        # sys_rel == qspi_rel
	# sys_maj_rev == qspi_maj_rev
	# sys_min_rev > qspi_min_rev
	# need to update QSPI
	return 0