How to modify the scope of the camera‘s IOS in jetson NX?

I want to make the camera’s ISO range in 100-12800 when it working snapshot,and range in 100-6400 when it working record.How can I implement this feature?

hello blstcvLiu,

there’s CaptureIntent to have different request creation,

CaptureIntent may be provided during capture request creation to initialize the new request with default settings that are appropriate for captures of the given intent.
please check more details regarding each intent are as follows:

  • MANUAL intent disables auto white balance and auto-focus.
  • PREVIEW intent disables noise reduction related post-processing in order to reduce latency and resource usage.
  • STILL_CAPTURE intent enables Noise Reduction related post-processing in order to optimize still image quality.
  • VIDEO_RECORD intent enables motion sensors related post-processing to optimize the video quality.

Apart from above processing blocks each intent also helps in optimizing the processing resource usage appropriate for that intent.

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