How to monitor the time of TX2 u-boot ?

Recently,I modified the u-boot programs to promote the speed of u-boot. However, I‘m not sure how to monitor the time of it. I used instructions like“dmesg” or “systemd-analyze time”. But they didn’t display the time of u-boot. That time is about kernel.

Do you have the serial console working?

If so, you could try using a utility like grabserial with timestamps to see the time elapse from cboot, U-Boot, kernel, etc. on the console and find your “speed” of U-Boot.

Thank you for responding. I have already installed gtkterm to print the boot log. However, I don’t know how to use grabserial to find the speed of u-boot.

If you boot with gtkterm you can log. The timestamps which U-Boot prints are actual time in U-Boot. There will be some unlogged time in earlier boot stages, but you could literally use a stopwatch and count the time before the first timestamp is printed. grabserial will show you the same log.

Thanks, I‘ll use stopwatch to get the speed of u-boot.