How to mount emmc on jetson TX1?

I use the sdmmc1 mount an emmc, but can not identify. through the datasheet, I found the sdmmc1 only mount sdcard, can you tell me how to modify the driver that can support sdmmc1 mount an emmc, I don’t know how to configure the kernel and which file to modify?


I’m not sure I understand the question, but is this a custom carrier? On the dev carrier mmcblk0 is eMMC, mmcblk1 is SD card. If you can get to a point in boot where Linux runs, what does “lsblk” say?

Hi linuxdev
I used the SD pin to solder an emmc but did not detect it. I want to know how to modify the driver to make emmc work properly


that’s a pretty neat hack if it would work. but it probably wont. you can buy a sd card to emmc adapter that has all the many components needed to have emmc via sd card. except for the speed since it all is still on sd card bus

Through the datasheet , I find sdmmc1’s pin type the same as sdmmc3, the sdmmc3 can support emmc , I think the sdmmc1 also support emmc , but I don’t know how to chage the driver

well, then, why don’t you start by looking at the driver for the emmc that already exists. the one that you flash the firmware for the tx1?

It is very likely there is a device tree change (part of the firmware mentioned), but I have never tried to do this and do not have the specific knowledge. I like what @dkryder suggests, comparing existing eMMC setup since the driver itself is probably already capable of this…any time there is a pin which is compatible with multiple modes it is almost always a device tree change to enable the alternate functionality.

i went back and found that info on page 49 of the oem design guide that shows the emmc on sd card is not possible but that was written for designers of their own carrier boards and apparently does not apply to the tx1 carrier board although even the technical reference manual and some block chart maps i saw elsewhere seem to present conflicting information on if this is possible on the tx1 itself. but table 54 on page 49 of the design guide states sdmmc2 is used for primary wifi on tx1, sdmmc4 is used for the tx1 emmc, sdmmc3 is used for 2nd wifi, which leaves sdmmc1 for the sd card itself. having remember reading this over a year ago but i thought it related to tx1 itself. so, there is certainly some contradictory info on this issue.