How to mount Xavier-NX emmc as a disk of host computer


I recently need to change files on Xavier-NX.
But I can’t find a way to exchange files between host and Xavier-NX.

I just use USB flash drive to do that.

Also, we are trying to find a way to exchange files when emmc can’t boot into kernel.
Maybe in recovery mode?


There is no way to exchange data on emmc when the board is not booting into kernel.

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The very slow method is to clone the eMMC of an eMMC model (SD card model is trivial since you can just plug it into the host PC), loopback mount the image, change it, then reflash using the updated clone image.

Note: Device mode is not “present as a storage device” unless it was programmed that way. A recovery mode Jetson is a custom device, so there is no possibility of doing this even with programming. Programming would require the system to be booted. If you have failures, then it is generally best to have a recovery boot entry and to pick that with a serial console during boot.

Then, how do you guys exchange the emmc files?( Something like adding new dtb or script.)

In recovery mode, you can backup the whole APP partition as system image.

But this is not just one or few files exchange. It is whole APP partition. Which means your whole rootfs.

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OK, I got it.

Individual files use ssh for file copies (e.g., scp, sftp, or a number of file backup utilities). All of those (other than entire partition clone) require a fully running system.

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