How to mux with DirectShow H.264 Video Encoder tried Haali Matroska Muxer and GDCL mp4 Muxer


i want to record a realtime video stream with the H.264 CUDA Encoder Filter, but i cannot mux it. I tried the Haali Matroska Muxer, set the file name with IFileSinkFilter Interface and got no error message. But nothing happens, no file is created. Then i tried the Matroska Muxer from the website, but i can’t connect the encoder with the muxer. The last one i tried is the open source GDCL MP4 Multiplexer. The problem is, that this filter don’t accept SubType H264 and FormatType FORMAT_MPEG2Video, only FormatType FORMAT_VideoInfo.

Can someone please help me to get it to work?

I did also a lot of tests with several multiplex filtes. The only one that worked in the end is one that is not really a free filter but you can get it very easily even if you dont own an ATI/AMD graphics card/chip. The ATI MPEG Multiplexer from the AVIVO (xcode) is able to process the output of the CUDA DirectShow encoder filter. The only problem is that it supports a lot of modes (MPEG, AVI, MP4) where the default mode is MPEG. I did not find a way to control the modes from my code (I have no interface description, as it seem the guys here have it: Anyway the resulting MPEG file can be played with the MPC HT (Media Player Classic).

It would indeed be great from NVIDIA to support more output pin formats so that more multiplexer filters will accept the output.