How to Nsight Eclipse Edition enable c++14 ?

Libqxx(7.0) library need support c++14.I use Cuda toolkit 10.1, How to Nsight Eclipse Edition enable c++14 ?

You need to install Nsight Eclipse plugins :

You can set the C++14 support from the project property pages.

Right click on the project -> Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> NVCC Compiler -> Dialect -> Language standard->C++14

use Ubuntu 16.04
Right click on the project -> Properties -> Build -> Settings -->Tool Settings-> NVCC Compiler -> Code Generation -> Enable C++11 support (-std=c++11)
-c ++ 14 does not have the option.

You are using standalone version of Nsight Eclipse.
As I mentioned you need to use plugin version of Nsight Eclipse to have this working.

Please follow this installation guide : :

Thanks for your help.
I didn’t see the standard c ++ libraries when I added the plugin.I removed the plugin. I found the old version of the library I used. I keep writing with c ++ 11.

I just installed CUDA 10.1 Toolkit on my Ubuntu 16.04 system. The default version of Nsight Eclipse Edition that shipped with the toolkit only allows the C++ language option of C++11. Following the directions kjalaludeen gives above, i.e. the nsightee plugins installation guide, I was able to get C++14 feature working. Strangely enough, the nsight plugins .zip archive I used came from the 10.1 Toolkit installation directory! I just needed to install them in Eclipse. Which leaves me wondering the shipped version of Eclipse doesn’t come this way. Whatever. Glad to have C++14 code compiling.