how to obtain the timestamp of the frame in kernel?

Hi,nvidia engineer guys:
I am using SDK DriveSDK.I can get frame from capture, but can not get timestamp of the can i get the timestamp of the frame from kernel ? Help guys!

Dear wangxuhui,

Could you please update DrivePX2 SDK to the latest version if possible?
If you have version DriveWorks 1.2, you can get a timestamp file via DW recording tool.

Hi SteveNV:
Whats the different of “SDK ...” and DW? I am super confuse them.Why we can not get timestamp from the Nvidia interface NvMediaICPgetFrameEx ?

Dear wangxuhui,

Sorry if it was confusing I thought you were using DriveWorks recording tool.

You can register a custom callback for handling timestamping by calling NvMediaIPPManagerSetTimeSource, as shown in the ipp_raw sample (ipp_raw.c:310), if there are not any callback registered, the framework will by default return the kernel monolitic timestamp.
From nvmedia docs:

BTW, could you please let me know how you tested it?

Thanks SteveNV! I have not test it yet. I only tested the img_cap. I’ll test ipp one ,thank you very much!