How to obtain UART logs on Jetson Nano production modules, over UART 2

Hi JerryChang,

Thanks for the suggestion. We did this exact step, and unfortunately, still got no uart debug logs on the host. But after some time, we got a console login prompt.

I am assuming the serial@70006000 device is the one assigned to pins 236/238?

Is there anything else we can try?

hello jetson_user,

please try to update the bootargs to make console=ttyS0 and adding earlyprintk into the command-line.

Hi JerryChang,

Thank you for your support. We tried the above method, but still didn’t get the logs. It is the bootloader logs we needed, and we always received the logs on B01, just not on our carrier boards, so it was a matter of changing UART ports only.

So at the moment, we soldered the pins 236/238, instead of 203/205. And we have the UART logs now. We can close this topic, and I can continue pursuing our main issue on this link:

Hi JerryChang,

Could you perhaps help me with/advise me regarding our main issue at: Jetson Nano production module does not boot on custom carrier board, but does so on auvidea's.

The issue on this forum was to enable a solution for the main issue stated in the above link. So we can move the main issue. I posted my question over there but have not got a response yet.

let’s close this thread and moving to Topic 110823 for further supports.