How to open GPU or multiple of CPU to get real time?

Hi, this is my first time to use Jetson TX2. And I use tensorflow at python. And do image recognition with camera. But it’s always can’t be real time. And it only run one CPU, and i don’t know if it run GPU.
Then I use
sudo ~/tegrastats
to see. Then I can see my GPU(GR3D) will run to 99%. Is that mean I’m using the GPU? But it still can’t be real time. And this time I found the CPU just run one. How to open all CPU to run this program? And this way can solve this problem to get real time? Or tensorrt is the only way to that it to run fast. But I can’t find the way to use it at python.

This is the tool’s version I use on TX2:
Cuda 8.0
cudnn 7.0.1
python 3.5
tensorflow 1.3.0

Sorry, my English is not really good.

Thanks all!

you might get a better response asking your question in the TX2 forum: