How to open the render with ssh?

I have a mmp program, and the program can work well in jetson. I want to run it with ssh. But it shows me the error in opening display. Can jetson run the render with ssh?

Isaac Sim requires an RTX GPU to run and does not support arm currently so its not possible to run on a Jetson

I am using jetson ~_~
That means I can’t render remotely on jetson?

Are you trying to run Isaac Sim on a desktop with an RTX gpu and use a remote client to stream the viewport to jetson?
Or are you trying to run the Isaac Sim executable on the jetson itself?

No, I use ssh to login jetson and want to run a render program.
For example, jetson_multimedia_api/src/samples/00_video_decode/video_decode

I see, this is not related to Isaac Sim then right?
If not, I would recommend asking on the appropriate Jetson forum:


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