How to override the current position of the robot?

I am trying to find how to override the current position in SDK documentation but not found.
Does anyone have any idea?

Hi Max,

Can you provide more information about what you want to achieve:

  • Are you trying to change the spawning position of the robot? For example in flatsim it can be done:
"flatsim.simulation.robot_spawn_pose": {
  "PoseInitializer": {
    "pose": {
      "rotation": { "yaw_degrees": 180.0 },
      "translation": [12.5, 30.25, 0.0]
  • Are you trying to reset the current position of the robot because the Localization is lost? You can do that:
    • First you need to add the marker: robot_init_global_localizer, you can right click on the Map View widget, go to the settings, in the bottom there is an option to “Select marker”, find the marker robot_init_global_localizer and click “Add Marker” then “Update
    • Then you can move the marker to the location you’re interested in
    • Finally open the config on the right panel of sight, look for: “ParticleFilterLocalization”, there is a parameter “ressed_particles”, select it and submit the new config. This will force the Localizer to restart from the marker location.

I hope this will solve your issue, if not please provide more information:

  • Which app are you running
  • What would you like to achieve.

Thanks for letting us know the documentation is lacking information, we will update it accordingly!


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