How to package to compile and burn successfully Image

How to package to compile and burn successfully Image.
Let others burn and test in the future …

use “./ jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1”

Will copy Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader, Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs
Files related to Linux_for_Tegra/images
These related files are too complicated
flash_image.log (1.5 MB)

May I have a script to package the image?

What kind of image are you talking about? Kernel image?

It should be said how to simply package the entire image so that it is convenient for others to burn and test

There is no all-in-one package that is flashed to the system.

So it would be better to package the whole BSP.

Directly packaging the entire BSP will be too large and there will be compiled *.o files…
Also, during production, it should be directly packaged as an Image file and burned directly…

You can share the system.img. But this does not include the bootloader parts. So the rest of BSP is still required.

It is the part of the bootloader that puzzles me!
Why can’t it directly generate similar bootloader.img! instead of a complicated .cnf file

hello channinglan,

you could create a Massflash blob, (mfi_*.tbz2) which is portable, and encrypted.
as you can see, there’re tools for image flashing, so the script file has included; regarding to the *.cfg, and *.xml files, they’re used for board configuration.

here’s see-also topic Topic 186001, it shows the roughly steps to create a mass flashing tarball.

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Is there an official document that explains how to creat mfi_*.tbz2 ??

This tool is part of the Linux BSP package and is available in the Linux_for_Tegra folder. Instructions for using the tool are included in README_Massflash.txt, located in the same folder.

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